Divorces, granted, for June 22-26, 2015

York Dispatch


Shane M. Smith from Amy Smith: both of Dillsburg.

Timothy S. Grothe from Crystal Grothe: both of Hanover.

Keith W. Digby from Jennifer L. Digby: of Catonsville, Md., and Dover.

Steven J. Schmidt from Erin K. Schmidt: both of York.

Robert A. Hall from Kathleen D. Dickerson Hall: of Middletown, Pa., and Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Patrick A. Shue from Amy L. Shue: of Wrightsville and York.

Dwight D. Lamparter from Kathy S. Lamparter: both of Dover.

Benjamin J. Brindle from Abbie L. Elvey Brindle: both of York.

Landa L. Oberlander from Jason W. Oberlander: of Dallastown and Red Lion.

Linda D. Engman from Lloyd T. Engman: both of York.

Rebecca Ann Finnen from William Leo Finnen: of Hanover and York.

Gbenga Olojugba from Janitisie Olojugba: both of York.

Daniel R. Devilbiss from Crystal D. Devilbiss: both of Spring Grove.

Kelly Toole from Kevin M. Toole: both of Mount Wolf.

Melissa B. Schenning from Keith E. Schenning: both of Hanover.

Jennifer Neidlinger from Thomas L. Neidlinger: both of Dillsburg.

Melinda K. Rohler Reachard from Jason G.L. Reachard: both of Dallastown.

Kalene Gingrich from Christopher Frey: of Felton and Red Lion.

Kyle M. Harper from Erin R. Harper: both of York.

Mona Sharis Hilton from Mark Robert Hilton: both of York.

Thomas Miller from Susanna Miller: of York and Windsor.

James W. Davis from Elaine K. Davis: of Fawn Grove and Felton.

Sena M. Jenkins Johnson from Charles Johnson Jr.: both of York.

Cassie Marie Barrick from William Barrick: of Fawn Grove and Spring Grove.

Jayne Hildebrand from Thomas Hildebrand: both of Wrightsville.

Candice M. Orpesa from Stefan A. Orpesa: of Airville and York.

Alex Ortiz from Martiza Vazquez: of York and Mexico.

Neelam Rai from William A. Parker: both of York.