Births for Monday, Feb. 19



Taylor Weyant and Devin McKenzie: of Shrewsbury, Feb. 8, a daughter.

Lindsey (Luckenbaugh) and Kyle Steffee: of Red Lion, Feb. 14, a daughter.

Jasmin Roche: of York City, Feb. 14, a son.

Michelle (Hoffman) and Matthew VonStein: of Shrewsbury, Feb. 14, a son.

Hope (Jamison) and Ian McKinnell: of York, Feb. 14, a son.

Samantha (Yingling) Hess and Justin Spangler: of York, Feb. 14, a daughter.

Kimberly (Papa) and Shane Smith: of York Haven, Feb. 15, a son.

Brianna (Schaeffer) and Jared Bailey: of Red Lion, Feb. 15, a daughter.

Kelsie Flowers and Donald Blackburn: of Dover, Feb. 16, a son.

Rachel (Woods) and Lee Brewer: of Spring Grove, Feb. 16, a son.