Births for Monday, Jan. 22



Taylor Demory and Ethan Hill: of York, Jan. 16, a daughter.

Breanne Spangler and Danny Leiphart: of North York, Jan. 17, a daughter.

Amanda (Wagner) and Kevin Boben: of York, Jan. 18, a son.

Kelly and Myles Detterman: of York, Jan. 18, a son.

Vanessa Smith and Jared Luby: of Hanover, Jan. 18, a daughter.

Katrina (Watson) and Travis Penley: of Dallastown, Jan. 18, a son.

Robyn (Cook) and Gabriel Lenhart: of Dallastown, Jan. 19, a daughter.

Julia (Gentry) Chance and Jordshua Ramos-Torres: of York, Jan. 19, a son.