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Births for Wednesday, Dec. 27



Loveasia Malone: of York, Dec. 12, a daughter.

Cheryl (Forsberg) and Scott McDonough: of York, Dec. 12, a daughter.

Kianah Abdulhaqq: of York, Dec. 19, a son.

Madeline Hershberger: of York, Dec. 19, a daughter.

Heather (Heindel) and Michael Poletti: of Dover, Dec. 20, a daughter.

Christa Jones and Jodi Louey: of Abbottstown, Dec. 20, a daughter.

Annemarie (Campo) and Joseph Camillo: of York, Dec. 20, a daughter.

Susanna and Eric Morris: of Felton, Dec. 21, a daughter.

Giovanna (Calderone) and Nathan Biles: of East Berlin, Dec. 21, a daughter.

Jessica Shugars and Jordan Spangler: of York, Dec. 21, a daughter.

Alexus Kinard and Chayanne Perez: of York, Dec. 22, a son.

Sarah Allen and Michael Chester: of Windsor, Dec. 22, a son.

Melissa (Matias) and Trevor Orr: of Mountville, Dec. 22, a son.

Misty Matherly and Nicholas Langer: of Spring Grove, Dec. 22, a daughter.

Kellie Schill and Shawn Staples: of York Haven, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Quandette Wilson and Tyrell Carter: of York, Dec. 23, a son.

Melissa Coburn and Stewart Dashiell: of Stewartstown, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Ashley (Drack) and Jeffrey Bruinsma: of Wellsville, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Alastasia and Gonzalo Suarez Perez: of York, Dec. 23, a son.

Millie Ramos and Adrian Gonzalez: of York, Dec.24, a son.