Births for Monday, Oct. 30



Jennifer and Gregory Sultner: of East Berlin, Oct. 24, a son.

Nichole Ryan and Toni Rivera: of York, Oct. 24, twin daughters.

Ashleigh Moore and Angel Miller: of York, Oct. 25, a son.

Ashley Miller and Billy Edwards: of York, Oct. 25, a son.

Alexis Counterman and Jordan Armold: of York, Oct. 25, a son.

Nicole Robinson and Michael Scalici: of York, Oct. 25, a son.

Jennifer (Dotts) and Nathaniel Dettinger: of Mount Wolf, Oct. 26, a son.

Kelsey and Nicholas Michael: of Dover, Oct. 26, a son.

Dana and Tyler Nell: of Gardners, Oct. 26, a daughter.

Catherine (Dudley) and Aaron Kveragas: of Dover, Oct. 27, a son.

Yesenia Acevedo and Aldrich Aviles: of York, Oct. 28, a son.