Births for Wednesday, Oct. 18




Rachel and Cory Kling: of Mount Wolf, Oct. 13, a son.

Nicole (Kinkade) Kinkade-Tierno and Jeffrey Tierno: of Dover, Oct. 14, a daughter.

Jennifer (Booth) and Jack Lowe: of Glenville, Oct. 14, a son.

Hope (Potts) and Daniel Frazier: of Felton, Oct. 14, a son.

Jessica Green and Richard Ness: of Glen Rock, Oct. 14, a son.

Jacqueline Measley and Adam Bisker: of Felton, Oct. 14, a daughter.

Brittany Zahn and Zachary Potter: of York, Oct. 15, a son.

Jennifer (Snyder) and Bradley Galloway: of Seven Valleys, Oct. 15, a son.

Denise (Harbaugh) and Daniel Kerchner: of York, Oct. 16, a son.