Births for Tuesday, May 30



Erin (McMaster) Myers and Shawn Fuhrman: of York, May 23, a daughter.

Kaitlynn Lain and Jason Botti: of Hanover, May 24, a daughter.

Kaliyah Redman: of York, May 24, a daughter.

Juliette (Clark) and Bryan Sieling: of Stewartstown, May 25, a daughter.

Angela (Miller) and Neil Irwin: of York, May 25, a daughter.

Jennifer (Deardorff) and Timothy Howard: of Dover, May 25, a son.

Jennifer (McCorkle) Jones and Jose Borges Garcia: of Gettysburg, May 25, twins, a son and a daughter.

Grace (Logan) and Josh Irwin: of York, May 25, twin sons.

Emily (Herr) and Richard Eppley: of Dallastown, May 25, a daughter.

Kristi Carter and Ryan Dutterer: of York Springs, May 26, a son.

Rachel (Krull) and Derek Bonfessuto: of Lancaster, May 26, a son.

Tessa Fuller and Naquan Wintermyers: of York. May 26, a daughter.

Jennifer (Mills) and David Hildebrand: of Red Lion, May 26, twins, a daughter and a son.

Kamyl Anderson and Rockie Hilburn: of York, May 27, a son.

Krista (McGarry) and Antonio Musso: of Red Lion, May 27, a daughter.

Leah (Pohlman) and Phillip Hammond: of Felton, May 28, a son.

Danielle and Seth Garner: of Dallastown, May 28, a daughter.

Alicia Haupt and Wyatt Bonsell: of York, May 28, a son.