Births for Monday, May 22



Darian Denton and Frederick Grapes: of Airville, May 16, a daughter.

Jenise (Apple) and Timothy Selway: of York, May 17, a son.

Jecklin and Andrew Stube: of Dover, May 18, a son.

Holly (Desrocher) and Brett Corbishley: of York, May 18, a daughter.

Kayla (Sweitzer) and Jeremiah Yohe: of York, May 19, a son.

Katie (Rummel) and Christopher Holmes: of York, May 19, a son.

Megan (Kline) and Matthew Gregoire: of York, May 19, a daughter.

Brianna (Muncy) and Jordan Smith: of Windsor, May 19, a son.

Tiffani Kerestegian and Anthony Holbrook: of York, May 19, a daughter.

Lorraine (Farbor) and James Eveler: of Hallam, May 19, a daughter.

April (Scheermesser) and Dennis Pastucha: of York, May 19, a son.

Lacie Crawford and Oscar Rodriguez Trejo: of Hanover, May 19, a son.

Candice and Kurt Brenner: of York, May 20, a son.

Lindsey (Wolff) and Matthew Shade: of York, May 21, a daughter.

Engy Abdulsayd and Ramzy Boutrus: of Columbia, May 21, a daughter.