Births for Monday, May 8



Courtney Jones and Devante Lucas: of York, May 3, a daughter.

Kristen (Petrella) and Jason Dubina: of East Prospect, May 3, a daughter.

Christie (Spagnola) and William Hymes: of Abbottstown, May 3, a son.

Jenna Harpster and Ben Smith: of New Freedom, May 3, a son.

Elizabeth (Resh) and Mitchell Brunner: of York, May 3, a boy.

Brandi (Shoff) and Adam Sauers: of York, May 4, a son.

Christina and Robert Neal: of York, May 4, twin daughters.

Christy (Bream) and Andrew Beckner: of Hanover, May 4, a daughter.

Kayleigh Lord and John Kerr: of Stewartstown, May 4, a son.

Carla (Posey) and Jim Cook: of Lewisberry, May 4, a son.

Michelle Capo and Joshua Smeltzer: of York, May 4, twin daughters.

Geneva (Sease) and Michael Owens Sr.: of York, May 5, a son.

Kristen Miller and Eddy Wild: of Airville, May 5, a daughter.

Stevi (Nicholas) and Juan Arevalo: of York, May 5, a son.

Michelle (Hanes) and Daniel Overmiller: of York, May 5, a daughter.

Jacqueline Andes and Michael Pope: of Hanover, May 5, a son.

Leslie Martinez-Arce and Miguel Colon-Marte: of York, May 5, a son.

Mandy (Ciesluk) and Shawn Benedict: of Glen Rock, May 6, a daughter.

Melinda (Anstine) and Jonas Sterner: of Abbottstown, May 6, a son.

Alicia Lake and Taylor Hertig: of Red Lion, May 6, a daughter.