GOP punishes York County lawmaker

Births for Tuesday, Dec. 27



LOGO births


Alaina (Myers) and Erik Hacker: of York, Dec. 20, a son.

Janette (Myers) and Justin Reimold: of Dallastown, Dec. 21, a son.

Alexis Vergara and Shahnawaz Mathias: of Red Lion, Dec. 21, a son.

Beth (Sigafoos) and Javier Acosta: of Yoe (Dallastown), Dec. 22, a daughter on Dec. 22.

Shannon Mathews and Joseph Pagan: of Felton, Dec. 22, a daughter.

Chae (Kline) and Josh Korb: of York, Dec. 22, a son.

Kera Ambush and Brent Foster: of York, Dec. 22, a son.

Patricia (Murray) Lehr and Joshua Dunham: of York, Dec. 22, a son.

Ashley (Tomes) and Joshua Dausinger: of Mount Wolf, Dec. 23, a son.

Larissa and Zachary Steckler: of York, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Alyssa Pangle and Darryl Murdock: of York, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Hanna Smith and Jed Grau: of Hanover, Dec. 23, a son.

Erica (Moyer) and Adam Fabie: of York, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Mary Odeyemi and Samson Bamgbose: of York, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Sabrina (Mili) and Tyler Miller: of Delta, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Tara Wikhian and Chad Smith: of York, Dec. 24, a son.

Laura (Dyer) and Matthew Vaeth: of Hanover, Dec. 24, a son.

Christine Golihew and Brant Curtis: of Mount Wolf, Dec. 24, a daughter.

Jennifer (Kitner) and Justin Findley: of Red Lion, Dec. 24, a daughter.

Elizabeth (Kort) and Christopher Von Bargen: of New Freedom, Dec. 24, a son.

Sarah (Rose) and Trevor Potts: of York, Dec. 25, a son.