'Project Lifesaver' to help find lost loved ones with special needs

Births for Friday, Nov. 25



Brandy (Bankert) and Joshua Bailey: of Felton, Nov. 20, a daughter.

Kari Allison and Stanley Ostasewski, Jr.: of Spring Grove, Nov. 21, a son.

Kristy (Lunsford) and Bryan Dunnick: of Dover, Nov. 21, a son.

LaToya Thompson and Joseph Diaczun: of York, Nov. 21, a daughter.

Rachel Oerman and Jon Brunner: of York, Nov. 22, a son.

Heather Dausinger: of Shrewsbury, Nov. 22, a son.

Laura (Khalil) and John Witt: of Red Lion, Nov. 22, a daughter.

Rebecca (Althouse) and Evin Mitchell: of York, Nov. 22, a son.

Haley Eckert and Robert Barbour: of York, Nov. 23, a daughter.

Britney (Webb) and Curtis James: of York, Nov. 23, a son.

Dana Auker and Jared Myers: of York, Nov. 23, a son.

Megan Chester and Austin Brown: of York, Nov. 24, a daughter.