Births for Tuesday, Nov. 22



BrookeAnne Treadway and Lawrence Ushry: of York, Nov. 15, a son.

Patricia (Felix) and Douglas Rhoads: of Windsor, Nov. 16, a daughter.

Pholsamally (Ket) and Felix Perez, Jr.: of York, Nov. 18, a son.

Mellissa (McCleary) and Thomas Hensel: of New Freedom, Nov. 18, a son.

Marina Sanh and Rafael Santiago: of York, Nov. 18, a daughter.

Daniqwa Jones and Mordecai Coleman: of York, Nov. 19, a son.

Samantha (SanBoeuf) and Matthew Slater: of Dover, Nov. 19, a son.

Kirsten (Wells) and Andrew Kehl: of Mount Wolf, Nov. 20, a daughter.