Births for Monday, Nov. 7



Lindsay Blauser and Shawn Jamison: of Dover, Nov. 1, a son.

Tara (Bower) and Adam DaSilva: of Dover, Nov. 2, a son.

Dara (Berninger) and TJ Santos: of York, Nov. 2, a daughter.

Paige Mundy and Eric Sweitzer: of York, Nov. 2, a son.

Devin and Taylor Davis: of Red Lion, Nov. 2, a son.

Madison Carpenter and Derrod Boone: of New Freedom, Nov. 2, a son.

Olivia Waldrup and Luis Crespo-Cuevas: of York, Nov. 2, a daughter.

Bambi and Aaron Hartlaub: of Glenville, Nov. 3, a daughter.

Nellie (Gonzalez) and Robert Coleman, Jr.: of York, Nov. 3, a daughter.

Elia Rivera-Olivero and Jonathan Class, Jr.: of York, Nov. 3, a son.

Grace (Smith) and Joshua Baldwin: of Dallastown, Nov. 3, a daughter.

Elizabeth Henry and Lee Keller: of Dover, Nov. 3, a daughter.

Katelynn Faulkner and Andrew Kuhn: of York, Nov. 4, a daughter.

Lindsey (Shelley) and Nicholas Albright: of Red Lion, Nov. 4, a son.