Births for Friday, Nov. 4



Kimberly (Einsig) Adomako Kufour and Christopher Martell: of York, Oct. 31, a son.

Courtney Senft: of York, Nov. 1, a daughter.

Kelsey Mock and Michael Witmer: of Wrightsville, Nov. 1, a daughter.

Jessica Warner and Matthew Price: of Red Lion, Nov. 1, a daughter.

Lauren (Turner) and Justin Jackson: of Shrewsbury, Nov. 1, a daughter.

Jillian (Dougherty) and Galen Anderson: of York, Nov. 1, a son.

Stephanie and Ryan Martin: of Windsor, Nov. 2, a son

Joan and Austin Haynes: of Dover, Nov. 2, a daughter.

Destiny (Alcivar) and Jamere Cherry: of York, Nov. 2, a daughter.