Births for Tuesday, Oct. 11



Brittany Schroyer and Christopher Pangburn: of York, Oct. 4, a son.

Ashley (Clouser) and Derek Bowman: of Stewartstown, Oct. 4, a son.

Melissa Douglass and Kevin Klinger: of Wrightsville, Oct. 5, a son.

Jessica Reed and Justin Moody: of York, Oct. 5, a daughter.

Stephany (Kautz) and Gary Nicholson: of Dover, Oct. 5, a daughter.

Ashley McMorris and Robert Bupp: of Dover, Oct. 5, a daughter.

April (Lockard) and Christopher Shaffer: of Red Lion, Oct. 5, a daughter.

Amber Mummert and Tyler Olphin: of Thomasville, Oct. 6, a daughter.

Ivette Minaya: of York, Oct. 6, a daughter.

Margaret Shaw and Bryan Lauck: of Hanover, Oct. 6, a daughter.

Lindsay (Staub) and Theodore Faircloth: of Wellsville, Oct. 6, a daughter.

Lucretia (Pierce) and Justin Whay: of Hanover, Oct. 7, a son.

Stephanie Ingles and Eric Easley: of York, Oct. 7, a daughter.

Kendrae Smith and Seth Burger: of York, Oct. 7, a son.

Lauren (Darr) and Matthew Williams: of York, Oct. 7, a daughter.

Kelly (Thompson) and David Glatfelter: of Spring Grove, Oct. 8, a son.

Sarah (Wilson) and Paul Leiphart: of York, Oct. 8, a son.

Kathleen (Sanders) and Brant Kauffman: of Seven Valleys, Oct. 8, a daughter.

Tiffany (Poe) and Jeffrey Vanik: of York, Oct. 8, a daughter.

Amanda (Hake) and Jessiah Deitz: of Manchester, Oct. 8, a son.

Eveline Herrold and Richard Popp: of York, October 9, a daughter.