Births for Monday, Sept. 12



Margaret Wessech and Forkpa Murray: of York, Sept. 7, a son.

Arica Rohrbaugh and Christopher Weitkamp: of York, Sept. 8, a son.

Ashley Bixler and Scott Fulton: of Manchester, Sept. 8, a son.

Brittany Humphreys and Dennis Vaughn Jr.: of York, Sept. 9, a daughter.

Sabrina and Adam Schell: of Red LIon, Sept. 9, a son.

Ashley (Grove) and Jason Murrow: of Red Lion, Sept. 9, a son.

Alicia (Collier) Collier-John and Kevin Johnson: of York, Sept. 10, a son.

Holly Crerand and Gordon Bosley: of Manchester, Sept. 10, a daughter.