Births for Wednesday, Sept. 7



Jandy (Tillman) and Jerry Felix: of Red Lion, Sept. 2, a daughter.

Ragina (Monoskie) and Christopher Fritz: of East Berlin, Sept. 3, a son.

Sarah (Henry) and Alexander Degenhardt: of Lancaster, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Sarah (Kickbush) and Robert Cyphert: of Lebanon, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Brittaney Gross: of Dover, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Jade Jones and Marino Glover II: of York, Sept. 3, a daughter.

Amanda (Jacoby) and Travis Feudale: of York, Sept. 4, a son.

Sieara Lohss and Michael Lohss: of York, Sept. 4, a son.

Holly (Newman) and James Ritz: of Thomasville, Sept. 4, a son.

Jessica (Frey) and Christopher Woodring: of Manchester, Sept. 4, a son.

Analiza (Saraza) and David Harry: of York, Sept. 4, a son.

Brieanna Racey: of Wrightsville, Sept. 5, a daughter.

Sierra (Snyder) and Justin Huber: of Windsor, Sept. 5, a daughter.

Amber (Herbst) and Jonathan Stouch: of Spring Grove, Sept. 6, a son.