Births for Tuesday, Sept. 6



Desiree (Hollenbeck) Addison: of York, August 30, a son.

Samantha Deibler and Dakota McVicker: of Red Lion, August 31, a daughter.

Ebony Binder: of York, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Anjelica Kutsch and Jordan Davis: of York, Sept. 1, a son.

Jacqueline (Coulson) and Gehazi Santana: of Dover, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Alexandra and Jerry Higgins: of Glen Rock, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Courtney (Lauer) and Garry Roberts, Jr.: of York, Sept. 1, a son.

Mary (Thompson) and Brad Sizemore: of York, Sept. 1, a daughter.

Sabrina and Michael Zumbrum: of Abbottstown, Sept. 2, a son.

Tiffany (Arnold) and Tyler Gipe: of Red Lion, Sept. 2, a daughter.

Dana Marcano and Jason Smith: of York, Sept. 2, a daughter.

Hope (Posey) and Dave Lauer: of Fawn Grove, Sept. 2, a son.