Births for Monday, July 25



Genisis Rosa-Camilo and Luis Selmo-Alonzo: of York, July 18, a son.

Chelsea Grumbine and Michael Helsel: of Dover, July 19, a daughter.

Khyati and Kushagra Dave: of York, July 20, a son.

Amanda (Kinert) and Christopher Miller: of Carlisle, July 20, a daughter.

Theresa (Peterson) and Erik Harris: of Abbottstown, July 21, a daughter.

Julia (Sahd) and Joseph Bentz: of York, July 21, a son.

Christina (Santoni) and Aaron Miller: of Hanover, July 21, a daughter.

Lena (Fantom) and Michael Black: of Dallastown, July 22, a daughter.

Heather (Badorf) and Nicholas Wagaman: of Gettysburg, July 22, a son.

Jordan (Townsend) and Cody Myers: of Thomasville, July 22, a daughter.

Cheryl House and Tim Henderson: of York, July 22, a son.

Tyesha Barnes and Richard Johnson: of York, July 22, a daughter.

Hope Smith and Randy Hengst Jr.: of Stewartstown, July 22, a son.

Anterria (Jenkins) and Derrick Graham: of York, July 22, a son.

Lacey Garner and Ryan Bell: of Brogue, July 23, a daughter.

Michelle (Hart) and Frank Steuernagle: of Airville, July 23, a daughter.

Shana Abbott and Faustino Gonzalez: of York, July 23, a daughter.

Nicole (Casagrande) and Andrew Koplitz: of York, July 23, a son.

Jennifer Gohn and Dennis Detwiler: of York, July 23, a son.

Alexis (Gibson) and Matthew Hoke: of Dover, July 23, a daughter.