Three Northeastern boys' basketball seniors earn Gretchen Wolf Swartz scholarships

Births for Tuesday, July 19



Brittany (Billig) and John Sheehan: of New Freedom, July 12, a daughter.

Kayla Sheckells and David Shanks: of Etters, July 12, a son.

Ashley (Grove) and Trenton Holm: of Shrewsbury, July 14, a daughter.

Amanda (Wilt) and Bradley Duke: of York, July 13, a son.

Shannon (Wills) and Brandon Hrebik: of Stewartstown, July 13, a daughter.

Devan Goodling and Harley Updike: of Dover, July 13, a daughter.

Brooke Mills and Aaron King: of Biglerville, July 13, a daughter.

Madelyn (Krug) and Nathan Huyett: of Yoe, July 14, a daughter.

Courtney Brillhart and Elijah Valenti, Sr.: of York, July 14, a daughter.

Rachel (Potter) and Jason Peiffer: of Manchester, July 14, a daughter.

Carmesha Perry: of York, July 14, a son.

Jennifer Gray and Christopher Shettle: of Airville, July 14, a son.

Glenda (Jimenez) and James Snyder: of Hellam, July 14, a son.

Megan (Laughman) and Jason Kintzel: of York, July 15, a daughter.

Courtney Smith and Matthew Knaub: of York, July 15, a daughter.

Jenica Combs and Brandon McCoy: of Red Lion, July 16, a daughter.

Emily (Stoner) and Victor Pagan: of Hanover, July 16, a son.

Victoria Blackwell and Bradley Irvin: of Hanover, July 16, a son.

Karen (Silver) and Nathan Stone: of York, July 16, a daughter.