Births for Friday, June 24



Lisa Hickman and William Griffith: of Dover, June 21, a son.

Jennifer and Kevin Browne: of Red Lion, June 21, a son.

Jenna and Brent Robertson: of York, June 21, a daughter.

Laura (Shultz) and Devon Sciortino: of York, June 22, a daughter.

Amanda and Shane Snyder: of Seven Valleys, June 22, a son.

Andrea (Reath) and John Olkowski: of Red Lion, June 22, a son.

Sarah (Heltebridle) and Nicholas Gerace: of York, June 22, a son.

Natasha Hengst and Anthony Whitson: of Dover, June 22, a daughter.

Anna (Pope) and Ruben Rivera: of York, June 22, a daughter.