Births for Wednesday, June 22



Alicia Medina and Jesse Webb: of York, June 17, a son.

Mukta (Dilawri) and Amanjot Abrol: of York, June 18, a son.

Jamie (Forbes) and Chad Myers: of York, June 19, a daughter.

Kelly (Baynard) and Marcus Barrett: of Felton, June 19, a son.

Allie (Jenkins) and Josh Kipple: of Spring Grove, June 19, a daughter.

Vivian (Summers) and Leyland Kennedy: of York, June 20, a son.

Felicia (Lehr) and James Sechrist: of York, June 20, a daughter.

Kylie and James Shoff: of Wrightsville, June 20, a son.

Lacey (Shoop) and Christian Gloss: of Felton, June 20, a son.

Kayla Leahy and Jonathan Baldwin: of Mount Wolf, June 21, a daughter.