Births for Thursday, June 9



Korrine Mann: of Spring Grove, June 6, a son.

Alyson (Keener) and Matthew Kessler: of York, June 6, a son.

Kayla (Miller) and Shaun Click: of Windsor, June 6, a daughter.

Nikki Cole and Joshua Brady: of Hanover, June 6, a son.

LaMair Johnson and Richard Day-Hampton: of York, June 6, a daughter.

Mary (Slay) and Alexander Gilbert: of New Freedom, June 6, a daughter.

Lori (Scrivens) and Luis Matos: of York, June 7, a son.

Lindsay (Post) and Luke Woodward: of Manchester, June 7, a daughter.

Kristy (Mather) and Robert Oliphant: of Red Lion, June 7, a daughter.

Stefany and Ryan Mummert: of York, June 8, a son.