Births for Monday, May 9



Ashley (Ruhl) DeMarzo and Robert Bessemer: of York, May 3, a daughter.

Marcela and Leonardo Fonseca: of York, May 4, a son.

Ann Page and Jessie Burlison: of York, May 4, a daughter.

Christine Munsey and David Harman: of Shrewsbury, May 4, a son.

Samantha (Myers) and Timmy Hull, Jr.: of Red Lion, May 4, a son.

Carli (Shutter) and Zach Neiderer: of Spring Grove, May 5, a son.

Stephanie (Looks) and Breidy Blanco: of Dover, May 5, a daughter.

Emily and Brandon Bailey: of York, May 5, a daughter.

Kirsten (Godwin) and Joshua Trout: of Hellam, May 5, a daughter.

Ashlie (Wesley) and Ed Murren Jr.: of York, May 6, a daughter.

Stephanie Kuhns and Richard Reich: of York, May 6, a son.

Laura (Szkundlapski) and Austin McCusker: of Spring Grove, May 6, a daughter.

Karrie Allen and Patrick Rodweller: of York, May 6, a daughter.

Monika Rodriguez-Riley and Kevin Long: of Dover, May 6, a daughter.

Andrea Butler and Christopher Majoue: of Hanover, May 6, a son.

Natasha (Webb) and Bradley Ladd: of Dallastown, May 6, twin sons.