Maria (Eddins) and Shane Hamilton: of York, April 13, a daughter.

Hope Wiley and Daryl Snyder: of Windsor, April 14, a son.

Lauren (Schwartz) and Ryan Fryer: of York, April 14, a son.

MaryAnn Koller and Kenneth Stokes, Jr.: of Mount Wolf, April 14, a daughter.

Nicole (Noragong) and Adam Rinker: of Red Lion, April 14, a daughter.

Kelsey (Bacon) and Chase Toscano: of Wrightsville, April 14, a daughter.

Heather and Leonardo Ruiz: of York, April 14, a son.

Jamie (Johnson-Yowell) and Eugene Goodman: of York, April 14, a son.

Megan (Arnold) and Justin Crites: of York, April 15, a son.

Maria Victoria Minguez and Ramon Torres: of York, April 15, a daughter.

Danielle Decker and Daniel Herfel: of Dallastown, April 16, a daughter.

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