Take part in Community Conversations


Community Conversations

York County Libraries President Robert F. Lambert is heading to Dover and Shrewsbury as part of a quarterly Community Conversations series.

He will be at the Dover Area Community Library on Thursday, May 23, and at Paul Smith Library of Southern York County on Thursday, June 6. Both events run from 7 to 8 p.m. The public conversations provide a forum for community members to share what they need from their libraries. In turn, Lambert updates residents about the projects and strategic initiatives that York County Libraries are implementing to address community needs.

As part of the Community Conversations dialogue, Lambert is seeking answers from attendees to the following questions: “What do you love about your library?”, “What would 100% success look like for your library?”, “What would it take to get your library there?” and “How can York County Libraries walk alongside you in your journey in life and learning?” A report summarizing what is learned will be shared with the public online at the end of the year.

The meetings are open to the public and free to attend. Dover Area Community Library is located at 3700-3 Davidsburg Road in Dover. Paul Smith Library of Southern York County is located at 80 Constitution Ave. in Shrewsbury. Library staff can be reached for questions at 717-292-6814 and 717-235-4313 respectively. For directions and more information, go to