People You Know: School Roundup, Oct. 6, 2016



York Catholic High School: 27 students were recently inducted into the local chapter of the National Honor Society. They are:

-- Seniors: Mary "Betsy" Allen, Su Jeong "Annabel" Eom, Grant Farrell, Rocio Garcia, Autumn Gombeda, Trevor Hale, Brianna Henry, Mackinzie Keefer, Michael McKim, Samuel Shinsky, Clare Steinfelt and Hui Wang.

-- Juniors: Carolyn Albright, Samuel Casagrande, Katelyn Danczyk, Olivia Ellis, Nicholas Gingerich, Jazzlyn Grenier, Brian Hand, Emily Hoffman, Trisha Keller, Mattison Mann, Srosh Matti, Ava McGee, Kassandra Speary, Quinlan Toomey and Lexi Zambito.


National Merit Scholarship Corporation: Semifinalists in the 62nd annual program are:

-- Central York High School: Noah P. Dusich.

-- Dallastown Area High School: Ziyue Zhang.

-- Eastern York High School: Adam D. Wolnikowski.

-- Northern High School: Chad M. Cherok.

-- Red Land High School: Avery T. Van Etten.

-- Red Lion Area High School: Jessica J. Sun.

-- South Western High School: Daphne Weiss and Kate E. Wisner.

-- Spring Grove Area High School: Mark A. Prusakowski.

-- York Suburban High School: Elizabeth K. Huh and Molly R. Sargen.


Children's Home of York: Nicolas Espino and Bobbi Nichols.

Christian School of York: Sean Graybill and Elaina Clark.

Dallastown Area High School: Gabriella Ream and Daniel Hanuska for September.

Northeastern High School: Charles Oberdick and Ciara Coombes.

Red Lion Area High School: Natalie Barle and Amica Bonitz for September.

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