DreamWrights offers classes


DreamWrights Youth and Family Theatre has announced its spring classes.


The four-week classes begin Saturday, March 5. The Shakespearience class is held Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, March 2-April 9.

The classes are:

Acting Out, Stories Alive: Young learners will have fun with characters to explore new vocabulary and act out basic story lines.

Emotions exploration: Participants will develop awareness of the link between inner emotions and outside behavior, as well as expand their vocal and physical abilities to play characters.

Interstellar stage combat: Participants will be introduced to basic hand-to-hand stage fighting moves, including break falls, punches, slaps, knaps and kicks in a safe, controlled environment.

Technical magic: Participants will learn to create through computer animated set projections.

Cosplay uncovered: Participants will work with a Cosplay artist and designer to build the beginnings of their favorite comic persona.

The Shakespearience: Participants will explore Shakespearean text with the body, voice, mind and imagination.

For more information, call 848-8623 or visit www.dreamwrights.org.