York City holiday street-sweeping schedule

Julia Scheib

Street-sweeping in York City has been canceled for Friday, Dec. 25, and Friday, Jan. 1.

The streets usually swept on the first Friday of each month are: Princess Street (Belvidere Avenue to Penn Street), south side; Queen Street (King Street to Boundary Avenue), west side; South Pine Street (King Street to East Maple Street), west side; Heiges Alley (600, 700 and 800 blocks), both sides; and Aunt Jo Lane, both sides.

The streets normally swept on the fourth Friday of the month are: Princess Street (Penn Street to Belvidere Avenue), north side; Duke Street (Jackson Street to College Avenue), east side; Queen Street (Boundary Avenue to King Street), east side; South Pine Street (East Maple Street to King Street), east side; and Heiges Alley (600, 700, and 800 blocks), both sides.