Year-Round Wish List


Even though the holidays and the traditional time for gift giving is over, that doesn't mean that the need for new and gently used things at DreamWrights is satisfied. As you act on your resolutions to declutter and clean out that junk closet, to simplify your life, or to give something to a great organization that needs it more than you, we are happy to take gently used and new things off your hands. Please remember us as you sort stuff for your spring yard sale and clean our your garage. What might be hiding in your notions drawer that you don't care about but we would benefit from?!

A HUGE thank you to those of you who have already heeded our call and passed some wonderful supplies our way. We are very grateful to to be the recipient of a Bluetooth speaker, pencil sharpener, labels, pencils and glue sticks galore. We wasted no time putting all of these items into use!

New or gently used:


Bluetooth or plug-in-to-laptop speakers for use in rehearsals (to play sound from computers, tablets, phones)

Camcorder/ video camera

Digital camera

Ipad/tablet with camera

Laptop projector

Power strips

Camera tripod

Working electric pencil sharpeners


Corded Drills – Variable speed reversible

Cordless Drills (as long as the battery can hold a charge and the charger is included)

Grinder – got an old one that just sits on the shelf in your basement? It would do DreamWrights a world of good!

Hand power tools

Staple guns & staples


6’ or taller stepladders/ ladders

Fabric scissors

Folders for scripts (with brads for 3 hole punched paper)

Latex Paint (1/2 cans or more)

MailChimp license

Music stands

Quiet games and activities for ages 7 and up

Sewing machines- in good working condition

Snow blower

Working flashlights (do not need to come with batteries)

Always need:

Crafting supplies

½” hot glue sticks

A. C. Moore gift cards

Jo-Ann Fabrics gift cards

Neutral colored thread

Sew on Velcro

Tape – any kind

Twine and String


Office supplies

Black sharpies

“My Name Is” labels

Pencils (bonus: pre-sharpened)

Reams of white paper (with our without holes)

Rolls of postage stamps

Yellow highlighters


3” Drywall Screws

5 Gallon buckets

Duct tape


Batteries (all types –not car batteries, obviously!)

Blue light bulbs

Lowe's gift cards

Glow tape

Masking tape (any and all width)

New mops and brooms

New tires for the van

Clip lights

Playdoh for the Sensory Friendly performance guests

Short mic/ audio cables (ask Bob for details)