A Summer Institution: Shakespeare Free in the Parks


For its 18th summer, Theatre Under The Trees is adding a modern, musical twist to the classic Shakespeare comedy, As You Like It. Theatre Under The Trees has always brought unique, show-specific music to York County audiences thanks to co-founder, music, and voice director Gayle Eubank. Eubank will be composing original music for the five songs included in the play, taking inspiration from the late 1980's. These songs will be performed by Strange Oaths, a five part band created just for the show.


Shakespeare’s As You Like It begins with a bitter fight between brothers, followed by a wrestling match with a surprising outcome. Then banished cousins Rosalind and Celia travel to the very musical locale of Arden, where they are surprised to find love letters posted everywhere proclaiming Rosalind's virtues. Once the mysterious suitor is revealed as Orlando, Rosalind takes advantage of her boyish disguise to educate him about the truths of women to the amusement of Celia and her jester, Touchstone. Rosalind's banished father and his friends and a trio of shepherds are added to the Arden mix for even livelier entertainment.

Sponsored in party by the Hall Foundation, As You Like It opens on July 22, 6:30 pm at Gifford Pinchot State Park. 7 performances follow. Bring a blanket and some friends and come to the park nearest you. All performances are free, but donations are gratefully accepted. For more information, please visit http://www.dreamwrights.org/2016-season/as-you-like-it.

July 22 6:30 pm Gifford Pinchot State Park

July 23 5:30 pm Brown's Orchards & Farm Market

July 24 6:30 pm Cousler Park

July 25 6:30 pm Rudy County Park

July 27 6:30 pm Sam Lewis State Park

July 29 6:30 pm William Kain County Park

July 30 6:30 pm Codorus State Park

July 31 2:30 pm DreamWrights