Ann Noll used to say that she wished she could look into the future and “see what’s in store for our DreamWrights kids.” In an August 2000 edition of the Dream Dispatch “What are Those Kids Up to Now?” column, she writes, “It’s exciting to wonder what kind of amazing things they might accomplish or where they will end up, or what choices they will make with their lives!” The column has gone by the wayside, but not the accomplishments of the DreamWrights alumni. With Diane Crews’ impending retirement and our approaching 20th season, we thought it would be fitting to check in with some of those “kids” to see what they are up to, share some fond memories, as well as impart some of the life lessons and advice they have learned along the way since those early days at DreamWrights. If you haven’t yet responded or if we haven’t tracked you down yet, we would *love* to hear from you! Part 1: What are Those Kids Up to Now?

It is remarkable how many DreamWrights alumni have gone on to pursue careers in the arts. To name a few, Dory Lerew, Calida Davis, Lexi Hubb, and Kate Harrison have all stayed close to the theatre. Kate is the Vice President of Twin Beach Players, a nonprofit community theater group based in North Beach, Maryland. After college, Lexi moved to NYC to intern, direct, and work for many theatre companies before moving to Chincoteague, MD and founding her own theatre company, the Chincoteague Island Theatre Company. She describes the experience of building a theatre company from the ground up as tough but rewarding. Dory and Calida find themselves in Missoula, Montana (as Calida says, much to her mother’s chagrin). Dory is the Tour Marketing Associate for the Missoula Children’s Theatre and Calida has retired from touring at the same theatre and has now moved on to being the Assistant Director and teacher at Clark Fork School, a nature-focused school in Missoula.

Speaking of teaching, several other alumni have also gone on to teach. Rosa Terlazzo is a Philosophy professor, Brianne Good is a preschool teacher, and Joseph Nabholz taught ESL in Taiwan, Mandarin Chinese at the Susquehanna Waldorf School, and is currently in school to become an occupational therapist.

Perhaps DreamWrights was where Melissa L. E. Baker and Arlo Ehly found their love of performing. Melissa tours professionally in a group she owns called Chaste Treasure that performs in Renaissance faires across the country. She also works for a music company that puts on the majority of the shows at Hershey Park. Earlier this year, Arlo accepted his first professional theatre contract as an assistant music director and pianist for The Days of ’98 Show with Soapy Smith in Skagway, Alaska. He will return to Gettysburg College as an accompanist when the Alaska gig ends.

Gary Hubb manages a production company in Los Angeles for 44 Blue Productions, a TV producing company that produces several Emmy nominated television shows such as Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny, and Nightwatch on A&E. Nick Ryan is the CEO of Xpogo, LLC, an action sports company. Wow! Your DreamWrights family is very proud of your accomplishments. Thanks to the alumni who responded. If we haven’t connected with you yet, it isn’t too late! We would love to hear from you! Contact to share your wisdom and your whereabouts! And remember, may you all find success far and wide, but never forget your way home!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Favorite DreamWrights Show

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