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State Farm Show offers something for everyone

Bil Bowden

Yes, it's the Pennsylvania State Farm Show, the largest indoor show in the country. But don't think you have to wake with the chickens --and milk the cows-- to enjoy this nationally-known event. It continues through the week, closing Saturday at 5 p.m.

More than 6,000 animals will be herded-- or carried-- into the halls, and by the end of the week, they'll have been washed, cleaned, brushed and judged-- many will be decorated with ribbons.

But there's more to the show than that. Check 300 commercial exhibits including The Australian County Outfitters from Brogue, Blind Spot Nutbutters from York, the Vickie Grove Emu Farm in Red Lion, York Adams 2 Cylinder Inc. of Hanover. When you've grown tired of walking from one end of the complex to the other, stop and visit Bonnie Carter of York, "The Traveling Therapist", for a massage.

For motorheads, there's a vast collection of farm equipment, and plenty of antiques around.

Visit the Culinary Connection for samples, cooking demonstrations and displays.

But still, there's no denying that the majority of folks visit here to become a quasi-farmer for a week, or to learn more about where our food comes from.