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Hospice Auction a success in new location

Bil Bowden


There was some question whether this year's Hospice and Community Care Auction would suffer because of its new location in Quarryville. It's too far from Lancaster, some said. People don't drive all the way to the Solanco Fairgrounds on a holiday weekend.


But the only hitch in this year's event was that it stretched beyond its usual end point-- and that's a good problem to have.  More items brought more bidders, and the last auction finally wrapped up at 6:30 p.m. on Monday. It was a great weekend.

Hospice tallied up the dollars and when it was over, more than $700,000 had been raised. The weekend highlight was the auction of  Norman Rockwell's original painting "Swords at Weehawken" which sold for $79,500, almost $5,000 more than its appraised value. The building was jammed with people, most of which came to witness the spectacle, not necessarily to bid.ID=90114450

As usual, the Amish community played a big part in the auction as bidders, auctioneers and food vendors. The donuts were tasty, the chicken corn soup excellent, and the breakfast logs on Monday morning had fans lining up outside the building. And of course, the whoopie pies, peach melba pies, slushies...ID=90114456

The Phillie Phanatic made a guest appearance and posed for pictures with the Amish. Photos were taken by permission, since many in the Amish community prefer not to be photographed. Some asked to have photos sent to them.

Even before the Labor Day weekend auction ended, plans were already being made for next year's event. Save the date.