Campers' skills are showcased in the final project for Theatrical Make-up Camp at The Belmont Theatre.


At one end of a narrow, well-lit room, a photo of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is tacked to a mirror. At the other end, 12 girls in matching pink T-shirts moved from a loose huddle back to their stations.

“Your next group is here,” makeup and wig designer Susan Taylor said. “One child per artist.”

Friday was the final day of her weeklong Theatrical Makeup Camp at The Belmont Theatre in Spring Garden Township.

“I only do one make-up camp per summer,” Taylor said.

The students, ages 10 to 14, learned various techniques for applying theatrical makeup throughout the week.

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“I went to (theater camp) two years ago and I really, really enjoyed it,” said camper Lydia Diaz, 10, of Jacobus. “I thought it would be just as fun, and it was.”

When asked what types of things she learned, Lydia spoke of “scars … and you could do gunshots or you could do wounds.”

Learning prosthetic makeup also was part of the curriculum for the week.

“I’m just kind of exploring different areas," Lydia added. "I think it’s fun to come to camp and meet new people and be able to find out how to do so many different things.” 

The final project for the week was a culmination of newly learned skills and talents.

“The Alice in Wonderland Junior Camp is performing, and the makeup artist camp is doing the makeup for their performance.” Taylor said. “Since it’s on children, we don’t want to put a lot of latex and different products on them. We are just using water-based makeup.”

There are three more sessions of theater camp offered this summer: Madagascar, Beauty and the Beast and Hairspray.   


Moira Hancock, 14, of West Manchester Township, worked intently on turning her camper, Danny Fegely, 9, into a caterpillar.

“You can change a person into anything you want to," she said. "I actually turned one of the campers into “evil Elsa,” and half of her face was frozen. I think it scared the little kids, though.”


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