The film "Is Genesis History?" will be shown Thursday at Regal West Manchester Stadium 13.
In the documentary, Del Tackett, creator of The Truth Project, explores evidence that supports historic claims of the Book of Genesis with renowned scientists and Bible scholars.
Tackett talks to experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology and the Bible, seeking answers to centuries-long questions about the book of Genesis.
"Is Genesis History?" will be shown in movie theaters nationwide for this one-night event from Compass Cinema and Fathom Events. Following the film, there will be a moderated on-screen discussion with Tackett and a panel of scientists and theologians regarding Genesis' impact on Christians today.
"Millions of people have sincere questions about the origins of the earth and humanity," Tackett said. "And there are contrasting views of our history, one of which is in the book of Genesis. The question is, which view is accurate? 'Is Genesis History?' makes a positive case that the Bible is historically reliable."
Tackett addresses worldview and cultural issues through writing, speaking, film and TV.

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