York County offers inpatient options for heroin users


If a heroin user decides to get clean but hasn't stopped using, he or she will often need to start with the most intense level of treatment: detoxification.

White Deer Run of York and Clarity Way in Heidelberg Township offer detox services, which rid a user's body of the drug.

The facilities also offer inpatient treatment, aka rehab, which houses and monitors patients for a fixed period of time as they recover.

Colonial House Inc. also has a rehab location in West Manchester Township.

White Deer Run of York

Location: 106 Davies Drive in Springettsbury Township

Date started: 2007

Admissions phone: (855) 260-7469

Capacity: 24 beds, including seven for detox

Average number of residents: 22

Staffing: About 24 staff members

Length of stay: About five to seven days for detox; up to 42 days for rehab

Services: 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, therapy sessions, small group counseling, educational lectures, sober recreation

Rates: $200 to $400 per day

Mental health treatment: Yes

Funding sources accepted: County programs, medical assistance, private insurance, self-payment

Facility comments: Most patients are users of opioids, especially heroin, said campus director Sarah Hawkins. The facility takes in primarily York and Adams county residents, she said. "Our beds are usually full," Hawkins said. "There is high demand."

Many times, the most appropriate step after detox is rehab, but patients must be willing and able to continue treatment, Hawkins said.

The inpatient program is based on the 12-step model, which outlines a course of action for recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse and other behavioral health issues.

The model has a "pretty long tradition with demonstrated effectiveness" and works across all types of disorders to empower individuals with self-love, Hawkins said.

Clarity Way

Location: 544 Iron Ridge Road in Heidelberg Township

Date started: 2008

Admissions phone: (877) 546-4830

Capacity: Main rehab has 22 beds, including six for detox; the Cottage at Clarity Way, a more exclusive facility, has six rehab beds and one detox bed

Average number of residents: 22 to 24

Staffing: 78 employees

Length of stay: Rehab programs run from 14 days to 90 days or longer

Services: Individual and group therapy sessions, massage therapy, acupuncture, life coaching, art and music therapy, fitness and sports activities

Rates: Vary, based on private or semi-private room

Mental health treatment: Yes

Funding sources accepted: Insurance and self-payment (no medical assistance)

Facility comments: When heroin users come in for treatment, they could be prescribed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms; after treatment, they're offered Vivitrol, which protects them in case of a relapse, said executive director Kristin Wise.

Most residents come from Pennsylvania and surrounding states, but many come from all over the U.S., including the West Coast, she said.

The center offers clients more amenities than some other rehabs, which makes people more comfortable about coming to treatment, said marketing director Sharon Reilly.

"We try to create an environment that's not so scary," she said. "We try to break that barrier to treatment."

Clarity didn't accept insurance until it was acquired by Elements Behavioral Health in 2014, Wise said.

"It really helps (patients) out," she said. "We're able to see a lot more people."

Colonial House Inc.

Location: 1300 Woodberry Road in West Manchester Township

Date started: 1992

Admissions phone: (717) 792-9702 or (800) 767-9702

Capacity: 44 beds

Average number of residents: 38 to 40

Staffing: 18 to 20 staff members

Length of stay: 30- and 90-day treatment

Services: Individual and small group therapy sessions, AA and NA meetings, lectures on topics that affect recovering addicts, option to go to church on Sundays

Rates: $200 per day

Mental health treatment: No, but a primary care provider monitors prescribed medications and can prescribe mild anti-depressants

Funding sources accepted: Medical assistance, county funding, self-payment (no private insurance)

Facility comments: Most clients struggle with heroin and have multiple treatment experiences before coming to the facility for long-term treatment, which is almost looked at as "intensive care," said Adriane Shultz, director of inpatient treatment.

Patients are integrated into the Colonial community: An assigned buddy, a peer member, introduces them to everybody and the schedule, she said.

Within the first couple days, a client sits down with a counselor, who develops a treatment plan specific to his or her needs, Shultz said.

Some clients say it takes the first 30 days for the "fog" in their heads to clear and that they are grateful they had 90 days of treatment, she said.