LETTER: Like 9/11, Americans will never forget these politicians' votes
Mary Bruaw 
LETTER: Founding Fathers would be mortified
Lawrence Goldman 
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Staff report 
LETTER: Don't forget these politicians
Mary Bruaw 
Scott Perry continues to be national embarrassment
Porter Hedge 
LETTER: A vote for decency this election
Patrice Joseph 
LETTER: Former West Manchester supe endorses Hickey
Bradley C. Jacobs 
LETTER: Re-elect Magisterial District Justice Linda Williams
Larry D. Homsher 
LETTER: Proposed amendments 'the height of folly'
Harry L. McNeal Jr. 
LETTER: Ruman checks all the boxes in West Manchester
Gary Taylor 
LETTER: Vote for Ryan Supler for York City Council
Wendy Anderson 
LETTER: Ruman for West Manchester supervisor
Rich Gordon 
LETTER: Local elections very much matter
Gail and Tom Druck 
LETTER: A political label doesn't say much
Mike Wagner 
LETTER: Vote Smith for common pleas judge
Milton Leake 
LETTER: Easier way to catch speeders: Enforce existing laws
Linda M. Lewis 
LETTER: Ron Ruman for West Manchester supervisor
Susan R. Emmons 
LETTER: Constitutional amendment would restore balance of power
Erica Clayton Wright 
LETTER: Local police should be properly trained if allowed to use radar
Mike Gifford 
LETTER: Who has the unmitigated gall to oppose new Georgia voting law?
William J. Miller 
LETTER: Who made Saylor the education czar?
Thomas Kopetskie 
LETTER: Wolf helping make Pa. a leader in clean energy
Jon Clark 
LETTER: Wouldn't it be nice?
Don Hake 
LETTER: Lawmakers should ban hunting contests if commission won’t
David Kveragas 
LETTER: We must tackle methane pollution
The Rev. David McCullough