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    OP-ED: Pa.'s pension crisis of managment

    01/30/2015 11:54 AM EST
    The Pennsylvania pension problem started to develop back in 1995 and escalated through 2008, when the worldwide financial markets crashed. 
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    EDITORIAL: What do you think it means?
    01/30/2015 11:53 AM EST - Pennsylvania Republicans fought tooth and nail a few years back to implement the country's most restrictive voter identification law. Full Story

    OP-ED: An end to debate over voter ID?
    01/30/2015 11:53 AM EST - Fingerprints can now be used to unlock smartphones, car engines, even guns. Why not ballots, too? A New Mexico legislator has just proposed that his state's election officials study the feasibility of a biometric voter identification system. Full Story

    LETTER: What next — free animals at Hershey zoo?
    01/30/2015 11:53 AM EST - I thought your readers might be interested in more about The Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is bullying a small business like Mack's Ice Cream over "Little Ricki" the bear. Full Story

    LETTER: Giving away tax money
    01/30/2015 11:52 AM EST - There is an article in The York Dispatch about our elected officials again giving away taxpayer money by way of the LERTA program. Full Story

    OP-ED: The influence of science and reason on moral progress
    01/30/2015 11:51 AM EST - A century and a half ago, an abolitionist preacher named Theodore Parker noticed something striking about the moral universe: "The arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways," he said, but added that "from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice. Full Story

    LETTER: District switch is about taxes, not education
    01/30/2015 11:51 AM EST - From the opening to the closing of Kralltown Elementary school, Washington Township students have held a 60-plus-year legacy in Dover schools. Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Church will revive former trouble spot
    01/27/2015 09:34 AM EST - It's welcome news that a faith community will take up residence at a North York site with a historically bad reputation. Full Story

    OP-ED: Over 70 years, fluoridation has proven its value
    01/27/2015 09:33 AM EST - Imagine most of your friends and family living with a chronic disease that is rarely life-threatening, but it's painful and sometimes interferes with eating, sleeping and even speaking. Full Story

    OP-ED: Pa. must work toward carbon neutrality
    01/27/2015 09:35 AM EST - The world must become carbon neutral by mid- to late century to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, according to a United Nations report released in November. Full Story

    Suspicious package at NYC bus station filled with 1K condoms

    NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a suspicious package left behind a concrete barrier of a New York City bus station didn't contain any explosives but did have some unexpected contents — 1,000 individually packaged condoms for both men and women. Full Story
    (Chung Hoon Chung/AP)
    'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' sweeps Sundance Awards

    PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Sundance breakout "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," a quirky, heartfelt story about a pair of high school film lovers who befriend a girl with cancer, won both the U. Full Story