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    EDITORIAL: The Red Cross needs you

    05/28/2015 09:23 AM EDT
    Thumbs up: To those who give — their blood. The American Red Cross has put out a call for more people to roll up their sleeves and help make up for a blood shortage that typically occurs around this time of year. 
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    LETTER: Open Pennsylvania's primary elections
    05/28/2015 09:22 AM EDT - Enough is enough. It's time for Pennsylvania's open primary elections to begin. Do you believe our constitutional right to freedom of speech is abridged? Full Story

    LETTER: A thank you from Byrnes
    05/28/2015 09:21 AM EDT - Congratulations to all the candidates from last week's primary election in York County. Participating in a system that engages differing opinions and places the final decision in the hands of a voting populace is the epitome of our democracy in action. Full Story

    LETTER: Hill-Evans thanks supporters
    05/28/2015 09:21 AM EDT - I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who came out to vote on May 19 and especially those who voted for me once again. Full Story

    OP-ED: Campaign finance law needed to thwart outside money influence
    05/28/2015 09:20 AM EDT - Campaign finance law needed to thwart outside money On the ballot this year are three critical seats on the state Supreme Court, one seat each on the Superior and Commonwealth courts as well as county row offices and municipal posts that influence how citizens are judged or represented. Full Story

    OP-ED: Wolf is right: Invest in Pre-K now, not prisons later
    05/28/2015 09:20 AM EDT - At a recent budget hearing, a senator asked, "If you were to advise us as to an investment that we should be making in another agency, in another part of government, that would impact what you do, change the outcome of what you do, what would you recommend? Full Story

    EDITORIAL: Expanded Pre-K makes dollars and sense
    05/27/2015 03:27 PM EDT - Let's take a look at a few numbers: •$120 million: Additional funding proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf for pre-K education in Pennsylvania. Full Story

    OP-ED: Jeb, we have some folks to talk to about climate change
    05/27/2015 03:26 PM EDT - It makes me nervous when someone who might become president of the United States says the science on climate change is "convoluted" and that it is "arrogant" to assert that humans are the primary cause of global warming. Full Story

    OP-ED: Pa. should invest in education by reforming PlanCon
    05/27/2015 03:25 PM EDT - Last year, the General Assembly began the process of providing needed reforms to PlanCon, which is the commonwealth's program for reimbursing school districts for construction costs. Full Story

    OP-ED: Despite Tsarnaev, the death penalty is on the decline
    05/26/2015 02:09 PM EDT - The execution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing — if it ever takes place — will quite possibly be the last of its kind, remembered as the last time the United States government put a person to death. Full Story

    (Elise Amendola/AP)
    Officials say those Boston snow piles are even more vile

    BOSTON (AP) — It's disgusting enough to put you off snow cones for the rest of the summer. A Boston public works official says the towering piles of filthy snow left over from the city's record-setting winter are even more grotesque than most people can imagine. Full Story
    (Matthew Mead — The Associated Press)
    A cure for dry chicken

    This is the chicken breast recipe you've been searching for. Because it will taste nothing like those flavorless, dry breasts you've grown to tolerate. Full Story
    (RJ Sangosti/AP)
    The Latest: Holmes says depression drove him to kill

    4:30 p.m. (MDT) James Holmes says he was driven to plot a mass killing out of depression. In a videotape that jurors in the Colorado theater shooting watched Friday, Holmes tells a state-appointed psychiatrist he transferred suicidal feelings to homicidal thoughts because he was catatonic with depression after breaking up with a Full Story