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Pat Delany

(Bill Kalina - The York Dispatch)
EDITORIAL: Friday night manners

09/04/2015 08:57 AM EDT
There's nothing else like the opening night of high school football season. The bands are marching, the cheerleaders are leaping, and the concession stands are hopping. 
Full Story
OP-ED: Pope makes it an exciting time to be Catholic
09/04/2015 09:18 AM EDT - Earlier this week Pope Francis made a historic visit via satellite feed to Chicago's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, where he reminded those of us in attendance that Catholic faith and education are capable of updating themselves. Full Story

OP-ED: Rebuilding Pennsylvania's middle class
09/04/2015 08:41 AM EDT - This Labor Day we recognize the incredible achievements of America's working people and celebrate all those who make our country run. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Don't vent — vote
09/03/2015 12:34 PM EDT - We are big fans of Jan Snyder. The Dover Township woman, in her 70s, is still — according to her own description — "sharp" and "active. Full Story

OP-ED: Benefits of a properly funded community colleges
09/04/2015 09:02 AM EDT - 95th Legislative District Community colleges offer an affordable higher education opportunity for traditional and non-traditional students pursuing associate degrees, diplomas, certifications, workforce training and/or professional development coursework online or at a local campus. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Cheers for the boys of summer
09/03/2015 12:31 PM EDT - Deep in the dog days of summer, the most interesting news in Pennsylvania centered on what wasn't happening. Full Story

OP-ED: Identifying with a murder victim
09/03/2015 12:30 PM EDT - I didn't know Alison Parker. But I have never felt more connected to the death of someone I've never met. Full Story

OP-ED: Health care reform, GOP-style
09/03/2015 12:30 PM EDT - Health care reform, GOP-style Just like in the 2012 election, every Republican candidate for president wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Another natural foods option
09/01/2015 08:25 AM EDT - There are people in York County who spend a lot of time shopping. We're not talking clothes or electronics or even shoes. Full Story

OP-ED: The southern border isn't necessarily a fine line
09/01/2015 08:19 AM EDT - No one, I suspect, not even Donald Trump, believes that America will actually try to identify, corral and deport the 11. Full Story

(Matthew Mead — The Associated Press)
Onions deliver a robust soup for little effort

Talk about a vegetable that's everywhere. The humble onion is one the most common aromatic vegetables, popping up in so many ways across so many cuisines. Full Story
Fall Movie Preview: Fukunaga, Netflix set out for new worlds

NEW YORK (AP) — Cary Fukunaga's first feature film, "Sin Nombre"— which translates to "Nameless," was a Spanish-language drama about Honduran immigrants. Full Story