The York Revolution is planning to set a patriotic world record during its opening home game for the season.

The Revolution, entering its 11th season, will attempt to set the record for the largest number of musicians performing the national anthem at the start of the game against the Somerset Patriots on April 28 at PeoplesBank Park.

Guinness World Records has set the number of musicians needed to establish the world record at 1,000. Only musicians who play instruments qualify as a tally for the record.

Participating musicians will receive a reduced-price ticket to the night’s game for $4. Family and friends of the musicians can purchase tickets online at $8 per person. Participating musicians also will receive a commemorative pin marking the event.

Eric Menzer, president of the York Revolution, said events that involve the community are something the team always does.

“We do this whether it’s at this game or any other game,” he said, noting a past event that featured the team’s mascot Downtown skydiving into the stadium.

Regarding the rest of this season, Menzer promises “there’s more to come.”

To carry out a world record like this, the event will require a “high-level” of participation from the community, Menzer said.

Menzer, now in his seventh year as part of the York Revolution, continues to be excited about the job.

“It’s the best job in the world,” Menzer said. “When you’re making people’s day better, what more could you ask for?”

For more information on the world record, how to participate, and tickets, visit

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