Things are fishy in Kathleen Green's seventh-grade classroom. Brook trout fishy, to be exact.

The York Suburban Middle School class is taking part in its first Trout in the Classroom project, and 153 of the eggs they received back in November hatched. Now, four months later, about 70 trout fry have survived and have grown to about 2 inches in length. By the time they are released in late April or early May, Green expects them to be about 4 inches.

The students check the aquarium's temperature, water acidity and other chemical levels multiple times a week to make sure conditions for the little trout are perfect. Green is working with Denny Ashton from Starview Sportsmen's Association to coordinate allowing the class to stock the brook trout in a local stream. Along with releasing the fish, the students will have the opportunity to visit the association's trout hatchery and get some fishing lessons.

As for Trout in the Classroom, Green says she hopes to expand the project to the school's other seventh-grade classrooms.

"I wrote a grant for us to get two more aquariums for the other two seventh-grade teachers so all of the seventh grade will have the experience of it," she said.

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