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    ARMOLD: York County golf clubs trying their best to reinvigorate the game

    04/01/2015 07:57 PM EDT
    Like any business, sports aren't immune from booms and busts. Golf isn't exempt from this notion. The game saw an incredible boom in the 1990s, with courses sprouting up like spring flowers. 
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    SCHMUCK: Orioles enjoy the fact that they again have a lot of doubters
    04/01/2015 01:54 PM EDT - They're at it again. The naysayers and stat nerds have determined that the Orioles will be unable to defend last year's runaway American League East title and are headed toward the other end of the standings in 2015. Full Story

    HEISER: Mid-Atlantic college athletes learn some painful lessons
    04/01/2015 12:34 AM EDT - Competing in college athletics is a privilege, not a right. Abuse the privilege, and you will lose it. Full Story

    HOUSEHOLDER: York's Eckert earns first victory of season with $2,000 triumph at Hagerstown
    03/30/2015 08:09 PM EDT - Like Lincoln Speedway, Hagerstown Speedway postponed its Saturday show until Sunday. York's Rick Eckert is probably glad that the postponement occurred. Full Story

    STROHECKER: Mother Nature shows no love for York-Adams high school sports
    03/30/2015 12:20 AM EDT - Mother Nature must not be a spring sports fan. Or, if she is, then she's doing a terrible job of showing her affection. Full Story

    GORMAN: Public-private 'solutions' may cause more problems for PIAA
    03/26/2015 12:29 PM EDT - There is no simple solution to the PIAA's public-private schools debate, but dividing them isn't necessarily the answer. Full Story

    SNYDER: Controversy aside, Saturday will be day for Pennsylvania families to fish together
    03/26/2015 12:19 PM EDT - Saturday is a big day for the region's trout anglers. Some may even say it will be a monumental day. Either way, it's a controversial day. Full Story

    ARMOLD: Ex-York High standout Generett looks to reboot football career with Capitals
    03/25/2015 11:51 PM EDT - When things aren't going the way an athlete plans, sometimes a fresh start and new perspective can make all the difference. Full Story

    HEISER: Atlantic League definitely not afraid to think outside the box
    03/24/2015 06:25 PM EDT - The Atlantic League will try just about anything to promote its brand. In the last month alone, the independent minor league made national news with a trio of off-the-wall initiatives that produced thousands of website hits, lots of laughs and even some social media scorn. Full Story

    HOUSEHOLDER: Historic Williams Grove Speedway set for 2015 opener on Friday
    03/24/2015 12:44 AM EDT - Williams Grove Speedway is scheduled to open its 2015 racing season on Friday evening. The historic oval offered its first racing program in May of 1939 and is one of the longest continually operating speedways in the nation. Full Story

    Judge ends Maine man's attempt to salvage Cape Cod shipwreck

    PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A treasure hunter's effort to salvage what he calls $3 billion in platinum from a World War II shipwreck off Cape Cod has been ended by a federal judge. Full Story
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    Rugelach: Going a little nutty for breakfast

    Borrowing is a grand tradition in baking. As a fan of nut rolls and cinnamon rolls, I had to try making rugelach when I spotted a recipe online. Full Story
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    Mark Wahlberg to produce Boston Marathon bombing movie

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — CBS Films says Mark Wahlberg is set to produce "Patriots' Day," a feature film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing based on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis' firsthand account. Full Story