• York Water extends dividend streak - 01/28/2015 12:13 PM EST
    Playing pass or fail with Pinterest recipes: Cake shapes

    Have you ever seen those recipes on Pinterest that look brilliant, and then you try them, and they're flat failures? 
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    From Scratch: Fresh guacamole is easy and guilt-free
    01/28/2015 - I am not fond of dips. The idea of sticking a fried potato into a dish of flavored sour cream makes me want to run in the opposite direction. Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: Pimiento cheese
    01/28/2015 - RICHMOND, Va. — Could it be that the cocktail and craft beer scenes are making the "caviar of the South" suddenly hip? Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: 10 variations on guacamole
    01/28/2015 - Whether or not you like avocados, you really have to admire the way their marketers have totally owned the Super Bowl. Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: Buffalo chicken stuffed mushrooms
    01/27/2015 - Anybody who has kids will appreciate this milestone. My daughter ate an entire mushroom for the first time the other day! Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: Marry chicken wings and barbecue ribs
    01/27/2015 - We know what you want for your Super Bowl party. You want big, bold flavors. You want rich, meaty goodness. Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: Team-themed seven-layer dips
    01/27/2015 - The Super Bowl isn't just about the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. It's also about teriyaki-spiced crabmeat and smoked mussels vs. Full Story

    Super Bowl snacks: Homemade beef jerky
    01/27/2015 - Sure, you'll have some guacamole and some chips and some chicken wings. And a plate of nachos isn't a bad idea, either. But how about some homemade beef jerky? Full Story

    Mount Wolf woman's shoofly pie best in Pennsylvania (with recipe)
    01/21/2015 - Few things are as quintessentially American as state fairs, and few things are as quintessentially Pennsylvanian as the Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy shoofly pie. Full Story

    Early-bird discounts for York beer and chocolate tour
    01/20/2015 - Craft beer and chocolate go together like - well, find out for yourself during the 2015 Sweetest Pint Tasting Tour. Full Story

    Pet reptile not a lizard, Lithuanian student finds out

    VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — A baby caiman has found a new home at a Lithuanian zoo after its previous owner tried to sell it online, apparently upon realizing that the pet reptile he was raising in his bathroom wasn't a harmless lizard. Full Story
    Review: Something's missing from the deck in 'Wild Card'

    It becomes quickly clear in "Wild Card," the latest vehicle for the hunky, brooding British action star Jason Statham, that his character doesn't need a gun to maim or kill. Full Story