A Codorus Township woman died Tuesday after a 500-pound bale of hay fell on her chest, crushing her, according to York County Coroner Barry Bloss.

Deputy Coroner Steve Cosey said Anne Bathon 55, was working on her Buffalo Valley Road farm around 11:30 a.m., when the bale fell. She was transported to York Hospital and pronounced dead at 12:40 p.m. The cause of death was chest trauma and the manner of death, accidental. No autopsy is planned, Cosey said.

Bloss said the Bathon and her adult daughter were working in a barn with bales of hay stacked nine-high when the daughter left to feed some of the hay to horses. Upon her return, the daughter discovered her mother trapped underneath a bale, Bloss said.

Bloss said the bale had either toppled off as a result of instability or Bathon had pulled it loose while trying to maneuver a stack.

"Either way, it fell from way above her," he said. "This is not common, that's for sure. It's the first time in my 16 years where a hay bale fell on someone."

Bloss said farming accidents aren't uncommon, but they typically involve machinery, such as tractor rollovers in which farmers get pinned under farming equipment.

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