Loose police horse briefly on patrol in downtown Cleveland

03/26/2015 07:27 AM EDT
CLEVELAND (AP) — A loose police horse conducted an unscheduled patrol through downtown Cleveland before officers recaptured it. 
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Cops: Man left behind credit card used to jimmy garage door
03/25/2015 12:08 PM EDT - WEST SUNBURY, Pa. (AP) — State police in Pennsylvania say a trespassing suspect used his own credit card to jimmy open a garage door, then left it behind when the homeowner suddenly appeared and startled him. Full Story

Feel-good tale: Man gets $7M lottery ticket in get-well card
03/25/2015 02:42 PM EDT - NEW CITY, N.Y. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man recovering from surgery has won $7 million off a lottery ticket tucked into his get-well card. Full Story

Cardboard 'Most Interesting Man' fails as carpool-lane ruse
03/24/2015 10:12 PM EDT - FIFE, Wash. (AP) — A Washington State Patrol trooper says it's by far the best carpool scam he's seen, but it didn't work. Full Story

Man arrested in courthouse for missing jury duty 11 times
03/24/2015 07:12 PM EDT - SOMERSET, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man who skipped out on jury duty 11 times in the last two years has been arrested inside a courthouse while attending a child custody hearing. Full Story

Maine police track suspect through social media messages
03/24/2015 09:12 AM EDT - FAIRFIELD, Maine (AP) — A Maine man who'd been wanted by police for several weeks made a couple of critical mistakes that led to his capture — he sent out social media messages pinpointing his location. Full Story

Dog gets paw stuck in treadmill in New Jersey
03/24/2015 08:57 AM EDT - RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (AP) — A dog escaped injury after getting a paw stuck in a treadmill in a New Jersey home. Full Story

Privacy and private parts: Nude neighbor exposes law's limit
03/24/2015 05:22 PM EDT - CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A Charlotte man who has continually irritated his neighbors by standing naked in the front door of his home has exposed a state law that local prosecutors want to change. Full Story

Cow in Northeast Texas defies odds, gives birth to 4 calves
03/24/2015 07:22 AM EDT - LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — A cow in Northeast Texas has apparently defied great odds and given birth to four calves that have been named Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Moo. Full Story

Connecticut farm worker killed when corn collapses on him
03/24/2015 05:57 AM EDT - LEBANON, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut farm worker has died after a pile of milled corn collapsed on him. Full Story

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From Scratch: Welcome spring with greens and pasta

Plant when the ground can be worked. I fell for this mantra on the seed packages for a couple of years until I finally wised up. Full Story
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'Fifty Shades' director Taylor-Johnson bows out of franchise

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sam Taylor-Johnson will not be returning to direct the sequels to "Fifty Shades of Grey," she announced Wednesday night. Full Story