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    Benedictine monk relaxing atop wind turbine spotted by drone

    09/01/2015 06:23 AM EDT
    PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (AP) — A Benedictine monk who works at a private Rhode Island school has discovered that finding solitude is no easy feat, even 175 feet in the air. 
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    Southern New Jersey man digs up live cannonball in backyard
    09/01/2015 06:23 AM EDT - CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, N.J. (AP) — The Atlantic City bomb squad was dispatched to a southern New Jersey home over the weekend after a man dug up a live cannonball in his backyard. Full Story

    3,000 Philly Naked Bike Riders photo-bomb wedding shoot
    08/31/2015 11:43 PM EDT - PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Here comes the bride all dressed in white. And, don't look now, but here come thousands of bicyclists not dressed in anything. Full Story

    $20 found in San Francisco leads to $1 million lottery win
    08/31/2015 02:23 PM EDT - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area man won $1 million in the California Lottery after buying a winning ticket with money he found at the airport. Full Story

    No bones about it: Dog mayor plans to run for president
    08/31/2015 11:23 AM EDT - BURLINGTON, Ky. (AP) — She might be a bit shaggy, but Lucy Lou wants to run for president — and she comes with political experience. Full Story

    2 arrested for enjoying meal on boat while family slept
    08/31/2015 09:08 AM EDT - NORWALK, Conn. (AP) — Police in Connecticut have charged two people they say broke into a boat at a Norwalk marina to enjoy a fast food meal and take some selfies while a family of five slept on board. Full Story

    Migrants bike into Norway at remote Arctic border crossing
    08/31/2015 11:08 AM EDT - HELSINKI (AP) — As Europe grapples with record-breaking numbers of migrants, a trickle of asylum seekers from Syria and the Mediterranean region have found an unlikely route: Through Russia to a remote Arctic border post in Norway, partly on bicycles. Full Story

    Girls named Destiny questioned in cliffside vandalism case
    08/31/2015 07:43 AM EDT - BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Sheriff's deputies have interviewed more than a dozen girls named "Destiny" trying to crack a vandalism case where someone spray-painted a prom invitation on a southwest Idaho cliffside. Full Story

    Police confront North Dakota students armed with telescope
    08/31/2015 07:43 AM EDT - FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Two North Dakota State University students got a scare when armed police officers mistook their telescope for a rifle. Full Story

    Alleged Facebook mention in prayer call sparks Egypt outcry
    08/31/2015 09:18 AM EDT - CAIRO (AP) — Egyptians in a Nile Delta province were outraged on Sunday after a cleric allegedly changed a line in the traditional Islamic call to prayer to mention Facebook. Full Story

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    Fall Movie Preview: Highlights from September-December

    NEW YORK (AP) — Though the fall movie season is traditionally the time of year when Hollywood gets serious, this fall is stuffed with spectacles. Full Story