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A Shrewsbury church needed to clear land, so it called in the goats

Many of John Connelly's employees lay in the shade one Saturday afternoon in Shrewsbury, slowly eating lunch, not putting forth a whole lot of effort. Full Story
York's celebrity bear finding her fur in new Colorado home
Ricki, like many residents of The Wild Animal Sanctuary, has been taking to her den during the day to avoid the oppressive July heat. But she ventured out on a recent late afternoon, scrutinizing a visitor and socializing with three other bears.  Full Story

Wildlife sanctuary adds mile-long elevated walkway to educate public
The Wild Animal Sanctuary kept its doors closed to the public for more than 20 years. Staff and volunteers focused solely on the large carnivore residents, which now number more than 400. Full Story

Report: York City schools need to focus on students, teachers, content
A diagnostic review presented to the York City School Board Tuesday by its state-appointed chief recovery officer highlighted the district's strengths and weaknesses and gave immediate recommendations that include a system for consistent and effective communication, aligning the district's central office to support the schools' institutional needs and stabilizing school leadership. Full Story

York City schools hire information specialist
The York City School District has and will continue to face many challenges on its road to recovery and improvement, among them a need to alter the negative perception that has been clouding the judgment of those who work at and attend schools within the district. Full Story

Downtown Inc aims to shine some light on Continental Square
Nearly three years ago, the York County Community Foundation and a local architect joined forces to dream a new future for York City's Continental Square. Full Story

Chronister back in race for York County commissioner
For the first time in the past several elections, five candidates will appear on the November ballot in the race for York County commissioner. Full Story

Ricki the ice cream bear on journey to become ... herself
KEENESBURG, Colo. — Ricki doesn't pace anymore. Like the hundreds of other large carnivores lucky enough to be at The Wild Animal Sanctuary outside Keenesburg, Colorado, the 19-year-old black bear no longer has a reason to pace. Full Story

Ricki's Colorado home is a different kind of animal sanctuary
KEENESBURG, Colo. — The enormity of The Wild Animal Sanctuary is inescapable to visitors taking in the view from a mile-long elevated walkway that cuts through the large-carnivore refuge. Full Story

Hanover woman accused of stealing from USPS
A Hanover woman has been indicted on federal charges for allegedly stealing from the U.S. Postal Service, her employer at the time. Full Story

Landmark New York hotel can't get bike-sharing rack removed

NEW YORK (AP) — A landmark New York City hotel's bid to get rid of a bicycle-sharing rack from a space across from its entrance has been rejected. Full Story
Cookbook features recipe from former York County dairy princess

As a former York County and Pennsylvania dairy princess, Raechel Kilgore Sattazahn knows a lot about dairy farming. And as a steward of four generations of family recipes, she knows a lot about cooking.  Full Story
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AP Interview: Japan's 'Godzilla' director wants to surprise

TOKYO (AP) — Radiation-breathing Godzilla destroyed so many cities and fought so many monsters, the original Japanese film series outgrew its budget and audience. Full Story