• Thai cafe to open in Dallastown - 08/20/2014 07:43 PM EDT
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    Charity worker angry over York City permit fee

    The man honored in 2011 by York City's mayor for his humanitarian work is now questioning Kim Bracey's insistence that he pay $35 for a permit to give away food at a September event. Full Story
    Students, staff ready for Hannah Penn's new beginning
    The registration melee in the Hannah Penn K-8 office aside, students and staff at the newly opened York City School District building were ready to start fresh. Full Story

    Fair parking permits soon available for West York residents
    In order to obtain a permit, residents must show vehicle registration. Permits are limited to three per residential building Full Story

    York City Council approves new littering law
    After several months of debate — and a few more hours Tuesday — the York City Council unanimously passed a new law designed to tackle the city's trash and property-maintenance problems. Full Story

    Central York, Red Lion start year with video scoreboard advertisements
    Red Lion Area School District's new video scoreboard — one of only two in the county — has sold all of its advertising space before the start of the fall sports season. Full Story

    Trust fund created for daughter of York-area officer killed in ATV crash
    A trust fund is being created for the 14-year-old daughter of York Area Regional Police Cpl. Michael Georgiou, according to the police department. Full Story

    WellSpan won't hire smokers starting next year
    Come Jan. 1, WellSpan Health will no longer hire smokers. Starting next year, the urine samples that WellSpan job applicants provide for drug-testing will also be tested for nicotine and tobacco. Full Story

    First-ever Central PA Music Fest postponed because of possible rain
    In a sudden change of plans, York-based singer-songwriter Kayla Kroh won't be performing with about 110 other acts at the first-ever Central PA Music Fest this weekend. Full Story

    Police: Evidence in York City shooting case found in victim's underpants
    A York City felon's undershorts helped investigators determine that while he was the victim of a shooting, it wasn't at the hands of another, according to charging documents. Full Story

    Model boats abound during 23rd annual regatta at Lake Redman
    Even when he was stationed in Virginia to serve in the Navy, Minzie Leister Jr. had a piece of York County with him. Full Story

    Greek archaeology site sparks intense interest

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Archaeologists excavating a large burial mound in northern Greece that has captivated the public's imagination have asked politicians and others seeking guided tours of the site to leave them in peace. Full Story
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    Preserving the Harvest: Raspberry compote tops your favorite treats

    This past week, I made raspberry compote. A friend of mine brought me raspberries fresh-picked from her parents' home in Berks County, and I just love raspberry compote on angel food cake. Full Story
    Review: 'Sin City' dives back into a noir abyss

    After being clonked over the head in 1944's "Murder, My Sweet," Raymond Chandler's immortal private eye Philip Marlowe wryly narrated the experience of being knocked out: "A black pool opened up at my feet. Full Story