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Pat Delany

LETTER: Slenker would make outstanding judge

04/20/2015 10:37 AM EDT
I have known Neil Slenker for many years, including through our service with the Rotary Club of York, and have also had the opportunity to work with him on a complex civil litigation issue. 
Full Story
LETTER: Slenker for the bench
04/20/2015 10:36 AM EDT - Please consider Neil Slenker for judge of the York County Court of Common Pleas when you vote in the May 19 primary election. Full Story

LETTER: Litter volunteers made 'amazing' impact
04/20/2015 10:35 AM EDT - On behalf of Keep York Beautiful and the City of York, we want to thank the 340 volunteers who came out on Saturday, April 11, and donated their time to pick up litter throughout York City. Full Story

LETTER: Vote for Jennifer Clancy
04/20/2015 10:35 AM EDT - Residents of Spring Garden Township and North York and West York boroughs have the opportunity to elect a superb candidate as Magisterial District judge. Full Story

LETTER: County bench needs Slenker
04/17/2015 12:01 PM EDT - Children often have a unique ability to zero in and express a thoughtful opinion in simple, uncomplicated terms. Full Story

LETTER: Byrnes for county commissioner
04/17/2015 12:00 PM EDT - I urge you to vote for Susan Byrnes for York County commissioner on May 19. Susie is a tireless champion for the health of our community and an enduring advocate for the honor we owe our veterans. Full Story

LETTER: Slenker for judge
04/17/2015 11:58 AM EDT - Over the years York County has been blessed with some very high-quality candidates who became judges. Full Story

OP-ED: Bells united Americans, Yorkers
04/14/2015 03:28 PM EDT - As news came from Appomattox Courthouse of the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia that Palm Sunday afternoon 1865, it was met with great joy and anticipation. Full Story

LETTER: 'Sometimes people matter more'
04/10/2015 10:31 AM EDT - In a day where municipal government has become very hostile and distant to employees, I have seen a gesture that needs to be commended and made public. Full Story

LETTER: Clancy best choice for district judge
04/09/2015 09:25 AM EDT - I am writing this letter in support of attorney Jennifer J.P. Clancy to fill the upcoming vacancy as the magisterial district judge (19-2-05). Full Story

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