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Pat Delany

  • York Weekend Extras - 02/27/2015 12:57 AM EST
    LETTER: Take a closer look at climate change deniers

    02/26/2015 09:36 AM EST
    Last weekend, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Guardian and Inside Climate News all reported on a story that has caused an uproar in the climate science community. 
    Full Story
    LETTER: Red Lion Area Community Services thanks supporters
    02/26/2015 09:34 AM EST - Red Lion Area Community Services serves approximately 300 households from surrounding communities in the south-central and south-eastern portions of the county by providing a food pantry and emergency resources, life skills classes, children's programming and referrals to other area programs and agencies. Full Story

    LETTER: Tax on drillers woul jeopardize jobs
    02/25/2015 01:32 PM EST - A Feb. 14 editorial endorsing Gov. Tom Wolf's proposal for higher taxes on natural gas production fundamentally fails to recognize the basic economic realities associated with capital investment and continued job growth. Full Story

    LETTER: Ray Krone's sister weighs in on death penalty moratorium
    02/25/2015 02:24 PM EST - RAY KRONE Sister urges people to learn truth of death penalty I just read the thoughts of York County District Attorney Tom Kearney, who said, "What Governor Wolf does not understand is the pain and anguish that victims' loved ones feel when someone they love is taken at the hands of another. Full Story

    LETTER: Death penalty facts have no liberal bias
    02/25/2015 10:01 AM EST - When Gov. Tom Wolf imposed a moratorium on Pennsylvania's death penalty, he stated that it is "error-prone, expensive and anything but infallible. Full Story

    OP-ED: A nurse weighs in on vaccinations
    02/25/2015 09:23 AM EST - Vaccination is the "hot topic" right now. Everyone, qualified or not, is weighing in on the vaccination debate — professional organizations, physician experts, TV personalities and even politicians. Full Story

    LETTER: Minimum wage a doctrine of facism
    02/24/2015 08:58 AM EST - Increasing the minimum wage will harm the elderly, the young and those on fixed incomes. History has shown us that higher wages without an increase in production results in higher consumer prices. Full Story

    LETTER: DA using families as talking points
    02/24/2015 08:57 AM EST - I'm wondering what qualifies York County District Attorney Tom Kearney to speak for the loved ones of murder victims, and why I should presume he understands the "pain and anguish that victims' loved ones feel" but somehow "Gov. Full Story

    LETTER: Perry should offer clean Homeland Security bill
    02/19/2015 09:01 AM EST - Congressman Scott Perry, let us get the record straight: In less than two weeks, the Department of Homeland Security will run out of money and will shut down because the Republicans in the U. Full Story

    LETTER; Punishing parents on path to conformity
    02/17/2015 11:42 AM EST - What a great idea, this new national proposal to fine parents whose children are obese. By all means, let us give children power over their parents by stuffing down more candy bars to keep them in debt. Full Story

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  • Morocco reports six-fold spike in foreign filming

    TANGIERS, Morocco (AP) — Morocco saw a six-fold increase in the amount of money foreign film companies spent in the country to make movies, the head of the film commission said Saturday. Full Story