• Red Lion convenience store robbed - 10/06/2015 04:25 PM EDT
    (Bill Kalina)
    York County unveils Smart911, text to 911

    Contacting York County 911 is now at the touch of your fingers, literally. County officials and first responders during a Tuesday press conference heralded two separate programs — text to 911 and Smart911— they said will make contacting the emergency call center easier for residents and will also streamline getting a callers information. Full Story
    Colorado man gets probation in fossil importation case

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Colorado man to one year of probation for understating the value of unspecified fossils imported from China to the United States. Full Story
    (John A. Pavoncello jpavoncello@yorkdispatch.com)
    York County Coroner's Office sees spike in heroin-related deaths

    Six people have died of suspected heroin overdoses within the past six days. That's according to York County Coroner Pam Gay, who said even with the fact that emergency personnel carry anti-overdose drugs, this year is on track to top last year's sky-high number of heroin overdoses. Full Story
    (Joan Marcus/AP)
    Review: Chilly, enigmatic 'Old Times' returns to Broadway

    NEW YORK (AP) — That Thom Yorke is the first from the creative team to greet you at the new revival of "Old Time" is the first indication you're in for an unsettling show. Full Story
    Connecticut university student arrested over mac and cheese

    STORRS, Conn. (AP) — A University of Connecticut student faces criminal charges over a confrontation with a campus food court manager who wouldn't let him buy macaroni and cheese with bacon and jalapeno peppers. Full Story
    (Julie Falsetti photo)
    From Scratch: Fake a meaty stuffed pepper meal with lentils

    If you are searching for a pulse with a long history, look no further than the humble lentil. In the Book of Genesis, we learn that Esau gave up his birthright to his younger brother Jacob for a bowl of lentil stew. Full Story
    (Eric Risberg/AP)
    Singer-songwriter John Mayer gushes about The Grateful Dead

    SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Singer-songwriter John Mayer proudly declared himself a "Deadhead" as he defended members of the Grateful Dead in their decision to regroup after playing what was supposed to be the band's final tour this summer. Full Story
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