Can art save a city?

York City government officials, economic-development pros and businesspeople are hoping to reinvent York through the talents of creative people. Allow us to introduce you to the folks who could be the key to unlocking York's future.

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Randy 'CSmoke' Williams is York's hip-hop ambassador

Randy Williams has every right to be mad. The kid who grew up idolizing Michael Jackson -- and dancing in York City water fountains like he was starring in the "Smooth Criminal" video -- dropped out of high school three months before graduation. Full Story
York's musical 'chameleon,' Ralph Washington performs it all
His fingers slap at the black and white keys like a bass player slaps the strings. Ralph Washington smiles and rocks his head side to side as he sings, betraying the obvious influence of Washington's idol, Stevie Wonder. Full Story

Maggie King turns love of fashion, makeup into a career
There were no posters of teenager heart throbs on Maggie King's childhood bedroom walls. Hers were "collaged in fashion models and clothing. Full Story

Change, travel and attitude fuel Stefan May's writing
Stefan May is a poet with an English degree and a lot of attitude. Add a bartending career to this 43-year-old Yorker's life, and you get the type of writing a little raw for newspaper ink. Full Story

In the library, Missi McLaren Ritter discovered poetry
Missi McLaren Ritter discovered the raw writings of fellow poets in the library as a teenager. A "chaotic upbringing" delivered her to the world of books, where she found peace and the words of people like Sylvia Plath. Full Story

Underground Lounge gives voice to artists behind York music
They started with a love of radio and a list of 10 names, mostly friends they figured they could summon for a one-hour recorded interview. Full Story

Lovie Rineholt Price brings art and generosity together
Even though she lives in Red Lion, Lovie Rineholt Price is making a splash on the York City art scene as one of its most enthusiastic creators. Full Story

Elijah Cross entertains with music, comedy and magic
The stage is probably not the first place Elijah Cross, a self-described "nerdy" introvert with a healthy dose of anxiety, expected to find comfort. Full Story

Fragility of glass inspires artist Alexis Duncan
Alexis Duncan has always been creating. The 19-year-old York City woman said she spent her childhood immersed in arts and crafts But it was just 18 months ago that Duncan discovered the art form she's turned into a small business and, maybe some day, a career. Full Story

Jonathan Smith, York City native, pens his first novel
Remember that scene in Se7en when Brad Pitt's character opens the box? That "gut-wrenching moment" is the defining feature of slow horror, a cinematic and literary genre to which a York County author's first book belongs. Full Story

York High grad Tez Ritter finds 'release' in poetry
Three years ago, for the first time, Tez Ritter stepped in front of an audience to read a poem he'd penned. Full Story

Vision of York as an arts hub approaches 'tipping point'
Three years ago, for the first time, Tez Ritter stepped in front of an audience to read a poem he had written. Full Story

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Be the hit of the picnic with sangria

cocktail: Keep this bubbly drink chilled and don't add too much ice.
Want to be the hero of your July Fourth gathering? Leave the burgers and dogs to somebody else. Ditto for the potato and pasta salads. Full Story
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'Inside Out' celebrates edge over 'Magic Mike,' 'Terminator'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even with the flashy competition of Terminators and male strippers, the little feelings inside a young girl's head proved to be more of a draw for moviegoers going into the holiday weekend. Full Story