Susquehannock's Katie Wagner is seeded No. 1 for the York-Adams League Girls' Tennis Class AAA Singles Tournament.

That should come as no surprise.

Wagner is the two-time defending AAA league champion and went unbeaten in regular-season league play this fall.

Wagner's teammate, Usha Baublitz, earned the No. 2 seed in AAA, followed by Dallastown's Emily Kistler, Spring Grove's Haley Staub, York Suburban's Jessica Clancy, Kennard-Dale's Alyssa Miller, West York's Olivia Purtell and South Western's Rachel Fabrick.

In Class AA, Biglerville's Carlee Brumgard grabbed the top seed, followed by York Catholic's Sarah Koury, Delone Catholic's Alyssa Neudecker, Biglerville's Jenna Glass, Bermudian Springs' Bryn Yurick, York Catholic's Catherine Vizzard, York Catholic's Maggie Javitt and York Catholic's Kathryn Thomas.

Brumgard finished second in last year's AA tournament to York Catholic's Anna Spoden.

In the AAA doubles competition, Susquehannock's Wagner and Chelsey Simmers earned the No. 1 seed, followed by Spring Grove's Staub and Emma Hoffnagle, Dallastown's Kistler and Angela Friedrich and Spring Grove's Michaela Taylor and Amanda Craver.

The top four seeds in AA doubles are: Biglerville's Brumgard and Glass, York Catholic's Koury and Vizzard, Delone Catholic's Neudecker and Liz Dizor and York Catholic's Javitt and Thomas.

The singles tournament starts at 1:30 p.m. Friday with the first two rounds at South Western (AAA) and Dallastown (AA). The quarterfinals and semifinals for AAA and AA are set for 2 p.m. Saturday at South Western. The finals and consolations for AAA and AA start at 4 p.m. Monday at South Western.


The doubles event begins at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, with the first two rounds at South Western (AAA) and Dallastown (AA). The AAA and AA semifinals, finals and consolations will follow at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at South Western.

Following are the first-round matchups:



Singles First Round

Class AAA at South Western

1:30 p.m. Friday

(1) Wagner (S) vs. C. Friedrich (Dt); Le. Wiley (NE) vs. Gray (CY); (6) Miller (KD) vs. Craver (SG); Taylor (YCD) vs. Glackin (KD); (4) Staub (SG) vs. Patel (CY); Markle (NO) vs. Jayamaha (RL); (8) Fabrick vs. Morningstar (WY); Toman (YS) vs. A. Friedrich (Dt); Hoffnagle (SG) vs. Chiaverini (CY); Brown (S) vs. (5) Clancy (YS); Brown (Dt) vs. Becker (Do); Martin (RL) vs. (3) Kistler (Dt); Taylor (SG) vs. Simmers (S); Alsamadi (KD) vs. (7) Purtell (WY); Doron (SG) vs. Zielinski (NO); Strausbaugh (CY) vs. (2) Baublitz (S).

Class AA at Dallastown

1:30 p.m. Friday

(1) Brumgard (B), bye; Sassani (BS) vs. Kiani (Lt); (8) K. Thomas (YC), bye; Orndorff (B) vs. Eldridge (DC); (3) Neudecker (DC), bye; Bender (B) vs. C. Thomas (YC); (6) Vizzard (YC), bye; Reynolds (H) vs. Seifert (BS); Willet (Lt) vs. White (B); (7) Javitt (YC), bye; Delong (H) vs. Shaffer (BS); (4) Glass (B), bye; Brandenburg (BS) vs. J. Koury (YC); (5) Yurick (BS), bye; Dizor (DC) vs. Johnson (B); (2) S. Koury (YC), bye.

Doubles First Round

Class AAA At South Western

2:30 p.m. Tuesday

(1) Wagner/Simmers (S) vs. Fabrick/Mart (SW); C. Friedrich/Saharan (Dt) vs. Taylor/Fuller (YCD); (4) Taylor/Craver (SG) vs. Becker/Crone (Do); Clancy/Toman (YS) vs. Doron/Wayne (NO); Baublitz/Brown (S) vs. Zielinski/Le. Wiley (NE); Patel/Chiaverini (CY) vs. (3) Kistler/A. Friedrich (Dt); Miller/Alsamadi (KD) vs. Purtell/Lutzinger (WY); Martin/Anderson (RL) vs. (2) Staub/Hoffnagle (SG).

Class AA at Dallastown

2:30 p.m. Tuesday

(1) Brumgard/Glass (B), bye; Hansen/Wilhide (Lt) vs. Yurick/Seifert (BS); (3) Neudecker/Dizor (DC), bye; Delong/Reynolds (H) vs. Bender/White (B); Johnson/Orndorff (B) vs. Willet/Kiani (Lt); (4) Javitt/K. Thomas (YC), bye; Gerlach/Eldridge (DC) vs. C. Thomas/J. Koury (YC); (2) S. Koury/Vizzard (YC), bye.